Best Thesis Proposal

The most promising thesis proposal presented at the Doctoral Tutorial is awarded a prize of 1000 Euros.


The Gunnar Hedlund Award

The Gunnar Hedlund Award is a yearly prize for the best PhD thesis in the world in the field of International Business. The prize is organized by The Institute of International Business (IIB) at the Stockholm School of Economics, in collaboration with The European International Business Academy (EIBA). The three finalists will present their work at the EIBA Conference in Catania.


The Copenhagen Prize

Copenhagen Business School has established the Copenhagen Prize, which has been awarded for the first time at the 2003 Conference. The 3000 award honours the best paper written by a young scholar in International Business. The winning paper must have been accepted for presentation at the EIBA conference and have been written by an author or authors under 40 years of age.


The IMR International Marketing Award

International Marketing Review sponsors the International Marketing Award, which was awarded for the first time at the 2004 EIBA conference. The 600 Euro award is given to the best paper about an international marketing topic that was accepted and presented at the EIBA conference.


The IJoEM Best Paper on Emerging Markets Award

The International Journal of Emerging Markets sponsored the Best Paper on Emerging Markets for the first time at the EIBA Conference 2006 and was offered an award of 600.


IBR Best Paper of The Year Award

The International Business Review offers a 1000 award to the best paper in terms of having the possibility to influence the field of International Business research in the future. Starting in 2006, this award will be offered every year in the EIBA conference.


The Distinguished EIBA Honorary Fellow of The Year Award

Since 2005 a distinguished EIBA Honorary Fellow of the Year is elected annually by the EIBA Fellows.


The EIBA Fellows Research Award for a Promising Young Scholar in International Business


The winner of the Young Scholar's award will receive Euros 15,000. The purpose of this award is to help to broaden the research programme of promising younger scholars in the international business field, to widen their network of research contacts and open a new research collaboration for them at an early stage of their academic careers, and to enhance the formation of international research exchange arrangements amongst international business scholars.




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