Universitā degli Studi di Catania
Facoltā di Scienze Politiche

Jean Monnet Centre

The European Union Neighbourhood Policy

2nd study seminar - July 5-9, 2004

Monday - July 5

h. 10:00-12:00
Opening Lecture

Ministerial Counselor, Austria’s Federal Ministry of Social Security, and Associate Visiting Professor at Innsbruck University

Towards a new EU policy for the Mediterranean South? Culture and the development of social indicators in a wider Europe


Tuesday - July 6

h. 10:00-13:00
Young researchers seminar

Tahar HAFFAD, Vers une nouvelle Europe des migrations et du bon voisinage



Liudmila KUDRINA, Muslim migration to the European Union




Oleg AKATOV, EU-Russian economic cooperation: the prospect of development



Discussants: Katsiaryna DAMARONAK, Manuela MOSCHELLA and Elena BARACANI

Wednesday - July 7

h. 10:00-13:00
Young researchers seminar

Ali HEMAL, Enhancing neighbourhood policy through FDI




Manuela MOSCHELLA, European Union’s regional approach towards its neighbours: The European Neighbourhood Policy vis-āvis Euro-Mediterranean Partnership


Discussants: Liudmila KUDRINA, Tahar HAFFAD  and Oleg AKATOV

Friday - July 9

h. 10:00-12:00
Young researchers seminar

Elena BARACANI, The EU and Democracy Promotion: A Strategy of Democratization in the framework of Neighbourhood Policy?



Katsiaryna DAMARONAK, Regional cooperation under the EU Neighbourhood Policy




Discussant: Ali HEMAL

h. 12:00 -13:90

Closing session


Further research papers
Diana BENCHECI, The integration of the Republic of Moldova in the European Union: problems and solutions
Manlio BORDI, Deepening the Wider Europe economic dimension: an analysis of potential EU-Ukraine economic relations
Brian PORTELLI, Foreign direct investment in the European Union's Mediterranean neighbours. Past trends and future potential in the MEDA region
Alexandru ROSCA, Fighting Poverty in Moldova within EU-Moldova Action Plan 
Interaction of the educational policy of Ukraine with the EU Neighbourhood Policy in the context of the Bologna process
Maryna YEPIK
, Environmental aspects of the EU Neighbourhood Policy for Ukraine