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Knowledge and understanding. To stimulate student analytical skills, learning is based on problem analysis. Teaching materials consist of scientific products ranging from volumes, scientific journals, book chapters, to internet materials, congress papers, public documents and reports. At the end of the Programme, graduates are able to write a research study and propose problem-solving strategies. The final assessment exam, based on the Masterís thesis, verifies the correspondence of the student scientific and practical knowledge to employment related to the Master course.

Applying knowledge and understanding. To give to students ability to develop independent research and build operative strategies, teaching is based on the analysis of current problems and the construction of problem-solving strategies.

Making judgments. To stimulate autonomy in judgment, teaching extends to making students able to deal in original manner with scientific puzzles and critical issues.

Communication skills. The student communication skills are expanded through oral presentation and paper writing as well as participation to events like simulation exercises  and virtual classes.

Learning skills. Students are trained to master the main paradigms, key-concepts, debates and focal themes of the disciplines addressed in the Programme. They develop abilities in critically interpreting European and International events and development policies drawing on  different disciplinary methodologies.




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